Can't add album cover (WMP)

Hello guys. I have a little problem. Why I can't add a album cover to my song with mp3tag? Well, I can actually but Windows Media Player is not working then. If I use VLC, jetAudio or Winamp, it works, it shows the album cover but if I try to play it with Windows Media Player, i get error "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.". Btw, I can see a thumbnail, icon is also changed..

Q: Why are you asking here if it works perfectly on other players?
A: Because I want it to be shown on my phone. I have several songs with album cover that my phone can display, but if I try to add it, it fails.. :frowning:

Could you first check that your files are not corrupted?
Use Mp3diags and/or MP3val (google it) to check the files first.
WMP only shows V2.3 tags, no V2.4 ones.
Also, WMP still relies on the presence of a file named folder..jpg to be present in a folder.