Can't adda a cover to flac-file on my NAS-server

I have used MP3tag on my music-collection on my synology-server without problems for quite some time. But now - when I try to add a cover-jpg to a flac-file on the nas-server the system hangs when trying to update the flac-file on the nas-server. I can't interrupt it and have to activate the task manager. When I copy the file to a local directory all works fine - and I can copy the file back to the nas-server

This is not a bug. This is the expected behaviour - especially for big flac files.

If you add a Cover JPG to a *.flac file it has to be written completely new (in most cases).
This can take a pretty long time and depends highly on your current local network speed and the speed of your NAS hard drives. This seems like "the system hangs".

As you already have found out:
Just copy your *.flac files locally, add the covers and then copy them back to your NAS.

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