Can't change artwork image of a CD

Hi, One of my Eminem CDs didn't donwload any art work when I ripped it onto my laptop and into Itunes so I put the artwork image on MP3 tag and it won't work? Been a day and it still doesn't show.

Anyone know why?

Which program does not show the artwork? You mention a laptop, iTunes and Mp3tag.

It's Itunes on a laptop.

If mp3tag shows the cover but itunes doesn't it looks a lot like an itunes problem, right?
Delete the tracks from the itunes library and add them again.
itunes only updates the track information if you either add the track again or play it. There is no update function that parses folders regularly on its own.

I think Itunes may have a block on changing CD cover pictures or something as I tried it on another CD and again no image showed up but when I change the artwork for a CD I downloaded it changes straight away.

Well, if you think so ... Have you tried my advice?

Actually: if you download a CD from somewhere, the process of downloading also updates the database.
If you first modify the tags in files and then include them in the iTunes database then iTunes will show the cover that it finds in the files.

Nevermind I tried your method and it worked, thanks for the help buddy.