Can't change covers

Hi, I'm just starting to use the program and today I gave some songs different covers, but now I want to change one of them and I can't do it, when I click the save button it goes back to the previous one. I've tried with the rest of the songs and I can't change any of the covers. Can anyone help me?

Could you check if you have more than one cover in the files?
If so, you see little arrow buttons beneath the cover display in the tag panel.
You can delete the unwanted covers with functions from the picture context menu.

Yay, that was the problem, thanks!! It was so simple that I feel really stupid because I was not seeing the arrows because I didn't scroll till the end, so I didn't see that more than one cover could be saved :sweat_smile: I thought they were supposed to be replaced. Thanks for helping me that fast! :hugs:

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