Can't clear Track 1, etc. in Comment/Description field

I like to clear junky tags. Here is a header string that I can't clear:

54 67 79 77 77 0 0 0 12 0 0 0 101 110 103 0 84 114 97 99 107 32 50
6 C O M M Nul Nul Nul FF Nul Nul Nul e n g Nul T r a c k [space] 1

I tried adding the field COMM, and some variations with eng, but they didn't get it.

What do you see for this track if you press ALT + T on it or click on menu View -> Extended Tags?

In VLC I can clear the "Description" one track at a time. So that can solve my issue, but I'm still curious as to why I can't use mp3tag to see the tag.

In the first printscreen from Mp3tag, it seems that you have selected multiple tracks.
Could you please show us the details for 1 single track, the one showing "Track 1" in Description in VLC?

Is this a mp3 or FLAC?

These are FLAC files.

What kind of tag do you read in Mp3tag?
Please check it in the menu Tools -> Options -> Tag -> "Mpeg" and "Ape, MPC..."

For a test, could you please activate ALL the ID3v1, ID3v2, APE in both options?
Just to be sure that you read all possible tag formats.

Do you see any additional tags in the details?

Not sure if it's due to the ID3v2 tag in the FLAC file. You can do a quick test: Ctrl+X to cut the tag from the file, Ctrl+V to paste it back — it'll remove the ID3v2 tag which is not supported for FLAC.

Yes, cutting and pasting back the tag works. Can I do this on an entire folder at once? What string in the header can I search for to find these files in my collection?

This album was ripped with EAC.

Yes, you can cut or simply remove the tags and undo the operation via Mp3tag's undo feature. This will also remove the erroneous ID3v2 tag.

Use the Filter via F3 to identify the files: %_tag% HAS "flac id3v2"

And uncheck the "add ID3 tag" in EAC.

I wish this filter returned FLAC files with ID3v1 tags:
%_tag% HAS "flac id3v1"
But Mp3tag does not recognize ID3v1 tags in FLAC files.

Yeah, I know, I'm beating a dead horse...... :wink:

Thanks Florian. I've gone through my collection and removed all the erroneous tags. I did find that putting tags into the Clipboard doesn't scale up. The more in the batch the slower. About 200 tracks was good.

I was looking at the filter examples. I find this one was there. But what I am looking for, and didn't find there, is how to find headers with more than one art. I never want more than one.

This would be %_covers% GREATER 1

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