Can't read FLAC track and year tags anymore

I installed a new HDD a few days ago and had some troubles with mp3tag not working anymore but i got it all fixed. But now i've noticed it wont show me Track and Year Tags anymore for my FLAC files. I can still save new ones to them and mp3tag will show those. But the old tags are still there and neither be read nor overwritten by mp3tag.
Basically feels like my version of mp3tag lost the abillity to read FLAC tags and now just writes IDV3 tags over them.

See if you have still the (default) mapping of vorbis comments to mp3tag fields:
See Tools>Options>Tags>Mapping
Tag: always VorbisComment
Source: DATE
Target: YEAR
Target: TRACK

If these are missing, create them and see if you get better results.

Thank You! That worked. Wierd, i dont remeber adding those the last time but maybe i just forgot.
However, i did about 400 files yesterday before noticing that. So where were those tags saved instead, do i have to redo them?

I think it is best if you checked a sample.

They show up correctly in other applications. How can check what type of tag is written on the file?

In a default installation, there is a column fairly far to the right that shows the tag versions in a file. Ideally, the flac files should show only FLAC as tag.
Perhaps a filter works:
%_extension% HAS flac AND %_tag% HAS 3
which would show files that have the extension "FLAC" and also an ID3 name part in the TAG.

Only FLAC. I guess everything is going to be correct, cant find anything off. I'll see it if it dont work somewhere else. Thanks for your help!

That works for ID3v2, but not for ID3v1.
Mp3tag does not report ID3v1 tags in FLAC files.
I've posted about that since 2012.

I've attached a short, silent FLAC file with ID3v1 tags in case anyone wants to experiment.
FLAC Short, Silent, with ID3v1 (8.2 KB)