Can't connect to ANY freeDb server


Whenever I try to connect to any freeDb server, it tells me the server isn't responding. I've tried changing servers, and it does the same thing. No matter what server I use though, it always says "Connecting for" in the Status bar. If I try to tell it to retrieve a list of servers, it says it can't connect. I've disabled Norton Systemworks, and Windows Firewall, yet it still doesn't work. HELP! :flushed:


It might be a problem with the freedb servers.


Please have a look at the website or search the forum. There are problems with three server names at the moment.

If you're using the web-based search, it's really a problem with some firewall or something else since is accessible (at least here).

Best regards,
~ Florian


I've turned off any flipping firewall on my computer, and the one on my router. I can use any other program that uses freeDb, but this is the only one that I can find that will let me put them in order by the track lengths. :frowning:


Mmm, I'm sorry but I have no idea at the moment, because everything is working fine here and no other users reported similar problems.

Please follow these steps:

  • Download and install the latest Development Build
  • Select some files
  • Press [Ctrl+Shift+F5] to enable an error logging function
  • Reproduce the error
  • Close Mp3tag and send me the file from Mp3tag's data directory via email
Best regards,
~ Florian


I'm having the same problem. I re-installed my OS and copied over my mp3tag settings various diefferent ways. (I changed usernames so I had to change all the paths to the new username in "Documents and Settings"). Anyway I got everything working. CDDB web search was working for some time. Now I get "error connecting to server" no matter what i change my "tools > options > freedb" settings to. I have tried What I see happening is that no matter what i change the freedb server to in the options...the error message alsways shows as not being able to connect to ''. Is this normal for 'determine via web search'?

As requested in the previous post, here is a dump of what I believe to be the relevant section of my mp3tag logfile.

Thanks for your great program!!!

00000430.00000000 ->CMTMainFrame::OnFileCDDB
00000430.00000001     ->SBoldStatic::SBoldStatic
00000430.00000002     <-SBoldStatic::SBoldStatic
00000430.00000003     ->CMTMainFrame::CheckMailAdress
00000430.00000004     <-CMTMainFrame::CheckMailAdress
00000430.00000005     CMTMainFrame::OnFileCDDB (001496) m_pApp->m_config.strCDDBAddress: ""
00000430.00000006     CMTMainFrame::OnFileCDDB (001505) m_pApp->m_config.strCDDBPath: "/~cddb/cddb.cgi"
00000430.00000007     ->CMTFreedbStyleDlg::OnInitDialog
00000430.00000008         ->SRegistry::GetValue
00000430.00000009             SRegistry::GetValue (000215) strSubKey: "CDDBQueryStyle"
00000430.0000000a             SRegistry::GetValue (000216) m_bKeyOpen: 00000001 
00000430.0000000b             SRegistry::GetValue (000231) rdwValue: 00000004 
00000430.0000000c             SRegistry::GetValue (000232) dwRetVal: 00000000 
00000430.0000000d         <-SRegistry::GetValue
00000430.0000000e     <-CMTFreedbStyleDlg::OnInitDialog
00000430.0000000f     ->CMTFreedbStyleDlg::OnOK
00000430.00000010         ->SRegistry::SetValue
00000430.00000011             SRegistry::SetValue (000413) strSubKey: "CDDBQueryStyle"
00000430.00000012             SRegistry::SetValue (000414) dwValue: 00000004 
00000430.00000013             SRegistry::SetValue (000415) m_bKeyOpen: 00000001 
00000430.00000014         <-SRegistry::SetValue
00000430.00000015     <-CMTFreedbStyleDlg::OnOK
00000430.00000016     ->SBoldStatic::SBoldStatic
00000430.00000017     <-SBoldStatic::SBoldStatic
00000430.00000018     ->CMTFreedbSearchDlg::OnInitDialog
00000430.00000019     <-CMTFreedbSearchDlg::OnInitDialog
00000430.0000001a     ->CMTFreedbSearchDlg::OnOK
00000430.0000001b     <-CMTFreedbSearchDlg::OnOK
00000430.0000001c     ->SString::Decode
00000430.0000001d         SString::Decode (000148) *this: ""
00000430.0000001e     <-SString::Decode
00000430.0000001f     ->CMTApp::SetStatusBarText
00000430.00000020     <-CMTApp::SetStatusBarText
00000430.00000021     ->SWebGet::GetFile
00000430.00000022         ->SWebGet::Get
00000430.00000023         <-SWebGet::Get
00000430.00000024     <-SWebGet::GetFile
00000430.00000025     ->SMsgBox::DoMsgBox
00000430.00000026         SMsgBox::DoMsgBox (000030) strMessage: "Error connecting to server: <a href=";" target="_blank">"</a>
00000430.00000027         SMsgBox::DoMsgBox (000031) dwType: 00000010 
00000430.00000028         SMsgBox::DoMsgBox (000039) pApp: 0056dec0 
00000430.00000029         ->SString::WrapLine
00000430.0000002a             SString::WrapLine (000676) dwLength: 00000032 
00000430.0000002b         <-SString::WrapLine
00000430.0000002c         SMsgBox::DoMsgBox (000049) dwOut: 00000001 
00000430.0000002d     <-SMsgBox::DoMsgBox
00000430.0000002e     ->SWebGet::~SWebGet
00000430.0000002f     <-SWebGet::~SWebGet
00000430.00000030     ->SBoldStatic::~SBoldStatic
00000430.00000031     <-SBoldStatic::~SBoldStatic
00000430.00000032     ->SBoldStatic::~SBoldStatic
00000430.00000033     <-SBoldStatic::~SBoldStatic
00000430.00000034 <-CMTMainFrame::OnFileCDDB


The "Web Search" option has nothing to do with the freedb server settings, because it always uses for parsing the results of the web search.

Do you use a proxy server? If yes, please check the settings at Options, freedb, Proxy.

Best regards,
~ Florian