Can't connect to

For the past couple of days, I get an error message when trying to get data from Musicbrainz.

Mp3tag v3.18
Error connecting to server:
> 12002: 12002: The operation timed out
Retry   Cancel   

Could you check whether MP3tag has internet access at all?
Try Help>Check for new version.
You should get a message box.
If that does not appear, then MP3tag has no internet access and you have to find out what is blocking MP3tag in your setup.

This seems to be a local problem. I currently get data as usual from MusicBrainz.

Please follow @ohrenkino's advice.

Yes it has internet access.
It correctly checks the version and says I'm on the latest version v3.18

UPDATE: I have just tried again, and now it works again.
Maybe MusicBrainz was down for a couple of days??

No, it was working at the time of you posting (and there would have been far more reports). It's possible that your IP address, IP range, or VPN was temporarily blocked by MusicBrainz.