Cant' connect to sources


I reinstalled MP3tag on Windows 7 64 and now I don't have acces to the tag sources any more...
For all of them I get :

Error connecting to server : (For Amazon for ex.)
DNS error could not resolve

I don't have any special firewall and already tried it when I deactivated spywaredoctor and Avira but it does not help.

Is it the Windows fire wall that blocks me and how can I change it?

Thanks in advance!

If you have a firewall answered the question wheterh mp3tag should connect to the internet to check for a new version with "no" then you have also blocked the access to the sources.
You would now have to check your firewall's blacklist and delete mp3tag from it.

I addes MP3tag to the authorised list but no change...

Two suggestions (as it is rather hard to judge from the distance):
if you use the windows firewall delete any mp3tag entry altogether so that the firewall asks again.
The other: if you have updated to windows 7 and had formerly a 32-bit windows xp it you could be that the sources scripts do not have the correct access rights any more.
So check the mp3tag directory for its ownership.