Can't convert tags for song

I'm trying to change the metadata on an album I downloaded since most of it is nonexistent. However, 1 of the audio files' ID tags is ID3v1. So, every time i try to change the metadata i get and error saying "File cannot be opened for writing" do you want to retry? I thought this might be because of the ID tag version being different, since its the only v1 in the folder, but when I follow the procedure for converting the tag version, I get the same error I did when trying to change the metadata, any ideas whats going on there?
I might delete the song and download it individually, but if i continue to encounter this problem as i continue to clean up my music files, then that would be extraordinarily tedious and even more time consuming. Let me know if anyone has any quicker solutions. Thanks!

Most likely this has nothing to do with the ID3V1 tag.
I suspect that the file is corrupt - which you can check with the utilities linked in this thread:

And then, depending on the findings, you may need to download the file again.