Can't display "Release Date" for ID3v2.2 format

I have been able to display the release date for podcasts by using the extended tag "RELEASETIME" and it works perfectly for the majority of MP3 tracks. However, I have downloaded some podcasts which (according to the properties box) are in ID3v2.2 format and the relased date is not shown with "RELEASETIME" extended tag.

iTunes still displays a release time for these tracks so it's there somewhere - does anybody know how to display it? <_<

There is no release time frame in ID3v2.2 (it seems that Apple simply invented some of their own). You can convert the tags of these files to ID3v2.3 from the context menu in iTunes and see whether this solves the issue.

TDR works for me here :wink:

Ah yes, seems like I already added a workaround (probably thanks due to you researching the issue :slight_smile:).

what's TDR?

It's the internal ID3v2.2 frame identifier for the RELEASETIME field. What it means is, that the field should be displayed fine -- but apparently something else prevents Mp3tag from doing so. It's hard to tell without having a look at the actual file.

Just to add another aspect to the problem, I now have a number of ID3v2.3 podcasts which are also not showing the release time in MP3TAG but iTunes still finds a release date from somewhere in the file.

I’ve attached a CSV file showing the exported tag info for 2 files (an ID3v2.3 and an ID3v2.2) for which MP3TAGE does not display the release time

Do you want me to send you both the ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.2 files, and if so how (they're about 30meg files) – can I attach files of this size to a post? <_<
exported_tags.txt (2.05 KB)

exported_tags.txt (2.05 KB)

I dont see any RELEASETIME options for the latest MP3TAG software. :frowning:

It's available via the extended tags dialog [Alt+T] and you can also add it as a field to the Tag Panel via Options > Tag Panel using RELEASETIME as field.

You can open the files in a HEX Editor and look at the beginning for "TDR" or "TDRL" if there really is a releasetime tag in the file.
Or save the beginning of the file as a new file, so it only contains the ID3v2 tag and a few bytes of the mp3 data and then attach it or send it with email or upload it to a free web storage.