Can't generate tag from filename

Hello, I recently downloaded a set of songs. They are in Japanese, however, and the tags for them are all messed up. I was able to fix every tag except for of course the track title tag. The filename has the correct track title in it though, and I would like to convert my filename to the track title.

I tried doing this with your tool, but everytime I try to do it, it gives me this text box in which I could change the options. I changed them to my liking, but I cannot click OK. The buttons OK and Preview are greyed out, no matter what I try. Can anybody help?

I am using version 2.49b.

It would have been nice to see what you have entered to represent your liking.

Anyway: use the converter filename - tag.
What you do is enter a mask that tells MP3tag which part of the filename should end up in which tag.

E.g. if you have
001 - Best time of our lives
as filename
then the mask would look like this:
%track% - %title%
As you have not given any example for your filenames you now have to try for yourself. The unwilling dialogue box, by the way, has an arrow button on the right which offers you a list of mask-variables for tags.
And also the program has a not-so-bad help on the converter and other program features.

Nevermind. Thanks for the advice.