Can't import Config Settings No %APPDATA% Folder

Okay. So I am using a different computer and wanted to import all my config settings across as I have considerable personalsed settings for tagging audiobooks however on my first installation I had to reset the security settings on the folder (as described in the FAQ) I did an uninstall and reinstall however there is still no MP3TAG folder there and the settings seem to be in the normal program folder. I tried unzipping my imported confi settings there but none of the settings have been implemented. I have tried the whole process including computer restarts several times without sucess. Any suggestions on how to sort this out?

You could create a tool (just for this case?) to see where the data ist stored:
Create a tool for the Windows Explorer and the
Parameters: '/e,"'$getEnv('MP3TAGAPPDATA')'"'
Call the tool, this should show you the folder for data.
Exit MP3tag,
copy the old settings to that folder
restart MP3tag.

I can actually see when I compare the Program Files (x86)/MP3Tag directories on both computers (Win 7 64 Ultimate) that the config data/settings have been saved in the program folder in the new install but in the %APPDATA% folder in the old install.

Did you install in portable mode in the new installation?
The basic-settings with a new install are always in the programm folder too. They are only used when you install in portable mode.

No I didn't the option for standard installation is preselected during installation. You have to actually select porable which I didn't on any occasion. On top of that I have used a portable installation with on a thumb drive and was able to successfully import my configeration settings although on a previous version of the software.

So did you follow the advice of Ohrenkino?
I suspect that you are looking at the wrong location, perhaps a different account.

In the old days it was also possible to have an installation that did not use the %appdata% folder but the program folder.
So it could be that your initial installation is a left-over from those days. Nothing to worry about.
I hope that you found the files that you want to copy.

This is a new windows install after I swapped in an SSD to an old laptop. My issue is twofold:

  1. The settings aren't installing to the correct folder, and

  2. The settings aren't being applied to the GUI when I extract them to the folder that the settings are now in.

It's possible I misunderstand which settings can be saved and reapplied. I have a large number of custom actions, a long list of Audiobook Genres and I have added and removed items in the Tag Panel. Would these normally be saved in a Settings back-up and then applied when unzipped to the correct folder?

As I said I addressed the folder access issue via the FAQ instructions and I don't now have an issue with accessing those folders at full control level via my user name which is also administrator level. I also have no idea what the instructions Ohrenkino mean so if that was still an issue I would have had to ask for clarification but as I know where the files are ... it isn't... i think...unless I'm misunderstanding the issue altogether.

In case I am not actually seeing the data I think I am seeing could you clarify how I create a tool for Windows explorer with those parameters? That way I can at least confirm I understand what I am looking at. Is it creating a tool in MP3Tag or something to do with Windows?

I thought it might be a powershell thing (which I have never used) and I tried with the following results:

Unexpected token 'getEnv' in expression or statement.
At line:1 char:14

  • '/e,"'$getEnv <<<< ('MP3TAGAPPDATA')'"'
    • CategoryInfo : ParserError: (getEnv:String) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken

It is a "Tool" in MP3tag.
Open Tools>Options>Tools
and create a new one. You will recognize the parameter field.

I actually tried this when you first posted the suggestion and presumed I had misunderstood because a name and path are mandatory. The path asks you to direct to a file not a folder so how do I fill these fields?

Name: MP3tag Data Folder
Path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe
Parameter: '/e,"'$getEnv('MP3TAGAPPDATA')'"'

Thanks. Unfortunately nothing happens.

I have managed to force MP3Tag to use the correct folder for settings by uninstalling and creating an MP3Tag folder in Roaming myself. When I reinstall the config and other files are installed in there however I still can't seem to force a new install to adopt my configeration settings when I unzip them into that folder and overwrite. I have full control in security so I don't see how it can be that. Is it possible the settings I want aren't being saved in the I don't want to screw with the original installation on my old computer as this could screw it up.

I still can't get any MP3Tag installation to take the settings from my original install. I installed the latest version as a portable version on a portable drive and the same thing happens. None of the settings for my custom genre list, custom actions or the custom tag panel are applied. Are these all settings that would be exported when you save settings in the file menu then extract them to a new install? Does this mean these aren't settings that are saved or that they should be saved but aren't? Or something else entirely?

OK. I managed to fix it by just copying the appdata folder accross to the new install. I can only think that the issue is that the configeration settings zip file is not saving the settings. Nothing else matches the situation.