Can't load bass_aac.dll


Mp3tag worked perfectly and brilliantly until I had to reinstall XP Home. I am up to date with all security patches and updates etc and the program appears to install OK. At the final window the button is clicked to start the program, then a further window appears stating an error ' can't load bass_aac.dll. I have redownloaded the latest version of mp3tag, run sfc which is OK. The program installs OK on another computer so it's obvious that the fault is on mine. Nothing has changed on the system prior to reinstalling XP so does anybody have a clue?



These are the forums for the freeware Mp3tag by Florian Heidenreich. You probably have MP3 Tag by Maniac Tools:

Hmm... Seems that they are using some my BASS add-ons illegally. At least bass_aac.dll is used against the GPL and some other add-ons don't follow the LGPL.