Can't open aac files on Mac with mp3tag trial

Hi there,

im using the mp3tag trial on Mac OS 12.1 Monterey.
my problem is I can't open aac files they are grey in the open window it will for example open mp3 but not aac.
I wanted to buy the full version but it is a pity if I can't edit aac because im using a lot of YouTube downloads.

kind regards


Hi Joachim and welcome!

The problem with AAC is that there is no standardized tag format for raw AAC files. The Windows version supports writing ID3 and APEv2 there, but I wasn't sure if I want to continue that with the Mac version.

So it's not supported at the moment and there was very little demand for it up to now.

However, are those files really AAC and not MP4? If so, you could use ffmpeg on the command line via to wrap the raw AAC to a MP4 container:

ffmpeg -i input.aac -codec: copy output.m4a

thanks you're right I can rename them in .m4a and it will open
thanks for your advice.
i was a bit confused with raw audio formats and containers.


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