Cant read MOOD tag for flac files

Hey hope you can help me:

I add mood tags in mediamonkey which I normaly read in mp3tag, for mp3s I use therefore "COMMENT MUSICMATCH_MOOD"

But for flacs theres a strange behaviour: Only with "MOOD" in the tag panel im able to read my MM tags, if I want to use it in the columns or for functions %mood% doesn't affect anymore.

which definition did you use to get the field into the tag panel?


So, the blue circled value in the picture equals my MM tags, but if I want it for my columns and all, %mood% dosnt effect anymore, its empty.

The backslashes look to me as though you have multi-value fields.
You would need $meta_sep(mood,\) to show them all in the column
So it could be that you have a space as first character in the first field ...

This saves my day ; ) thank you ohrenkino^^