Can't remove album cover from certain albums

Hello. I've been checking out this program and so far it's very useful. I've noticed one particular problem that shows up every now and then that I can't figure out. I recently applied an album cover to all files in a particular album. When playing the tune the cover shows up fine but I noticed that it was too big. I reduced the size of the cover, removed the old art and replaced it with the new art. It's a jpg file. I still have the same large art showing up. I then removed the art all together, saved it, and the old art still shows up. I even tried to change it to some other album art and the old art shows up. I'm definitely saving every time I change. I'm using MP3TAG V2.45a. The mp3 file tag says ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2). For the majority of albums I can change art and it works fine. Any ideas on why this is happening? Is it somehow the APE part of this that's the problem? I can't seen anything else that stands out as a problem. By the way, I'm using VLC to play the files.


Edit OK after further experimentation this is looking like VLC is the culprit. I used Winamp and it behaves as expected. VLC must have some sort of hidden cache somewhere because I don't see anything related to cache or downloading artwork. Sorry for the wasted bandwidth!