Can't remove APEv2 tags

I just want mine to have ID3v2.3 (IE3v1 IE3v2.3). How do I go about removing the APEv2 tags? Currently, some of my files are like this: ID3v2.3 (IE3v1 IE3v2.3 APEv2).

Also, for some files, despite changing tag information and saving, it does not make effect these changes (APEv2 files). Having a struggle with this at the moment.

There is no option to remove APEv2 (only APE) in the options. I am confused a bit. When you modify tags (saving), does this remove the tags you specified under "Remove" in options or does it only only modify (without removing whatever tags there are in the file)? Does "Remove" in options only work with the red X on the main interface and not when saving?


I used the red X to remove the tags and indeed it does take away the APE ones but then I find the tag type is changed to this: ID3V2.3 (Lyrics 3v2 ID3v2.3). Why has it added "Lyrics 3v2" in?

There was no tag "Lyrics 3v2" added by Mp3tag. The tag "Lyrics 3v2" was already there, previously tagged by another application, probably covered by the APE tag. In general you can remove the tag "Lyrics 3v2" by removing the ID3v1 tag.