Can't remove cover from Mp3

Hi, I am trying to remove cover from my Mp3 file which it is very old, I did all the tricks from this community however I can't get rid of the old cover, mp3tag shows the cover that I uploaded, but when I use player in windows/android or in ubuntu, still shows me the wrong cover.
I did below so far:
Remove All Tags, Remove Covers from Extended Tags, Uploaded my own covers, changed read/write and remove to different options, however each time ending up with the same result.
no hidden files as well.

So MP3tag shows the correct cover but the player does not?

Then you would have to update the player's cache.
One trick would be to rename the file slightly so that the player considers it to be a new file. See what the player shows for this "new" file.
Also, sometimes there is a picture file in the folder that the player takes. See what happens if you delete/update such a file (if it exists).

Correct, I did that as well, put it on new directory, still gave me old cover, also cleared cache as well.

But it is still a player problem, right?
Does you player have internet access and it gets the picture that it thinks would be the right one?

well, three different player in three different OS, I doubt that is going to be player issue, the cover that is getting is not from internet, I tried this from isolated VM and got same result.
I can send you the file if that is possible.

Yes, please. and perhaps a note which picture should be displayed.

Here is MP3, Right and Wrong cover, I wrote "Right" and "Wrong" on each Cover

I see only the "correct" picture:
This is the original file:
It has APE tags which sometimes cause problems.
This is the original file with only reading the APE tags:
This also shows that there is only 1 picture in the file and it is the correct one.

This is the file without APE tags as you can see in the dialogue header

Both dumps, though, show only the correct picture, they also show that there is only 1 embedded picture.
A look at the file in Foobar shows the correct file ...

So I would say, the file is OK - it must be something else locally.

Thank you for checking it out, I appreciate it, I am going to clear catch in my home network, maybe it's cached locally in my router and/or modem.