Can't replace \\ plus in/visible artists?

I've made an action, basically works fine except \ (which shows as a dbl slash on screen but only single here???) that aren't in existing artist tags sometimes seem to appear when I drop a file into MP3Tag. Trying to replace that with space or nothing seems to fail in terms of what MP3Tag show BUT renaming files the \ and what follows it don't appear. seems to not work in one way but does work in another. How can I fix this?

The double backslash is MP3tag's way to show multi-value fields.
Check the extended tags dialogue for such a file and you will see several fields of the same type.

Before you process all instances of such a field, it is often helpful to create an action to "Merge duplicate fields".

Use a separator different from the double backslash when merging.

Excellent, some new stuff to investigate and learn there - I had no idea you could have duplicates of a field but now I know. All fixed and working, thanks!

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