Can't replace "\\" with anything

On a lot of my files I have "\" as an artist separator in the artist and/or composer field (ex. Hans Zimmer\James Newton Howard) and I want to replace all instances of it with ", " but no matter what I try it doesn't work, I'm able to replace everything BUT those 2 characters.

You have to format \\ with CTRL-e (</>) or otherwise the forum software eats one of your backslashes.

\\ in MP3Tag is a separator for multivalue fields. You should see 2 artist-fields in the extended tag-view (ALT-t).

If you want to combine them with a "," as separator you can take an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields".
Separator: ,

The slash can easily be replaced with an action of the typ "Replace".
Original: /
Replace with: ,

For this you could also use the converter Tag->Tag
Format string: $replace(%composer%,/,',')

wihich gives you an immediate preview of your format string.

But I wonder what you want to do if you have artist with a comma in the name itself, i.e. "Earth, Wind & Fire".


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