Can't Resize Directory Window

I don't know if it's a Windows problem or an MP3tag problem, but when I use "Change directory" or "Add directory" the window (interface) is always almost full screen and I cannot resize it to make it smaller. The usual little resize arrows appear at the margins, but they don't work. I'm probably overlooking something which should be obvious, but I've tried all the usual Windows settings I can think of, and I'm only encountering this problem in MP3tag. Is there an option in Mp3tag I'm overlooking that controls this? TIA

I think that MP3tag stores position and size of these (standard WIndows) dialogues. It could be that this information has become corrupted.
So close MP3tag, find the file
and rename it to e.g.
Then start MP3tag again and see if the dialogues now behave the way you want.
(If not, you can rename the cfg_ back to cfg.)

Contrary to what @ohrenkino described above, the position and size of the standard Windows dialogs are not stored in the Mp3tag configuration.

After some fiddling around, I was able to reset the position and size of the dialog in question by deleting


via RegEdit. Use at your own risk and with caution.

That worked, Florian! Thank you

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