Can't save cover in some mp3 files

I'm using mp3tag for many years, and now i have issue, i have never before.
I usually tagging new release on Friday, and today when program reads all tracks, it stops for a while when it said Reading tag data 28 of 34.
And those 6 tracks - when i try to change track name or artist - i can save it.
But when i change the cover art - it shows that "writing tag data" for a 30 sec, and then "File cannot be opened for writing. Do you want to try again?". And after confirming - program is crashing and showing the window again. And in the folder with that tracks i have many temporary files. I can edit other tracks btw, so maybe tracks are corrupted?
Had a version before newest, updated but it doesnt work.
Covers are from beatport, and as i said i never had such an issue.
Hope i will find here a solution.

Is your drive letter F: a HDD or SSD in your local computer or some network attached storage (NAS)?
If you copy this songs to another drive (C: for example) does it work there as expected?

External hard drive. And when i try to copy it - windows says that i can't - it can not be readed from source folder. So i think it is track issue. I recorded the set last week, and when i try to move it - i have the same problem.
Also when i try to open them in music player (AIMP) - i can not see the full waveform. And when try to rewind the track - it crashes the music player too.

As you describe it, I would say this tracks are no longer usable.

You should restore them from a backup or re-download/re-record it.

There is nothing that Mp3tag could fix in such a situation.

Yes. Thanks for reply. Re-downloaded track and named it differently and that worked.
Need to find what causes such an error, but as you said, it's nothing with a program. Thanks!

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