Can't Save Files (iMac)


iam not able to save my files. I try to add covers but the save button is gray (without a function)

any hints ?
thx aleccs

Hi there,

Mp3tag automatically saves the changes — the save button and menu are only active if there are unsaved changes you've entered on the Tag Panel on the left.

Does this help, or are there any error messages when attempting to save?

Hi Florian, vielen Dank für die schnelle Info. Habs eben selbst bemerkt :wink:
Kann ich mit dem Programm auch von CD in Mp3 Umwandeln ?

I kindly ask you to stick to the original language you've used when starting your topic. Not everyone who will eventually read that topic understands German.

Regarding your question: no, but I recommend XLD or dBpoweramp.

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