Can't see cover art after 3.08 release

I just updated to version 3.08 and I can add any art work and it shows up, except the art work that I need for the album!! That one doesn't show up? Are there minimum or maximum sizes for it to show up? I've checked all the tag boxes and all are the same to my 3.07 version I used before (and that one worked perfectly).
Please help so I can see my cover art again in my tagd mp3 files.

Where don't you see the cover?
What kind of files are these?
There is a maximum size for tags in general
According to the id3 standard
" the tag . Maximum tag size is 256 megabytes and maximum frame size is 16 megabytes"
So I would say that the maximum size of a picture is 16 megabytes.

Thanks for the reply Ohrenkino.
Where I don't see the cover? When I open the mp3 to play it in let's sat any mediaplayer, it shows the bandname, song name, composer, etc, but it will NOT show that particular album cover. If I add any other album cover it shows it, but not this one of my new single!! The size of that jpg is only 1.6 mb so not even close to 16 mb. It's totally weird. As I mentioned, I can add any cover art and it shows in any mediaplayer, except my new single cover art!

Ah, so it is a player problem? Does it show correctly in MP3tag?
Which mediaplayer could it be? Does this player has its own cache or database that needs refreshing? Does it need a picture file in the folder of audio file? Does the player know that this file belongs to a different album as ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM are filled?

Is this image file formatted differently? Most players expect jpg, or maybe png files. Try converting the image file to another format with an editor and saving that to your metadata to see if it shows up.

Hi MotleyG. I always use jpg files for that and it worked every time, until now.

I have tried it on 4 different media players...a few from the windows media players and that one that comes with edge. But also with VLC. But neither one of those shows the cover art. So maybe I should try to convert the file from jpg into something else. png or pdf or something like that. Maybe that will work.

I converted it to a png file and now it works!! Thanks for the tip!

Make sure you are using the baseline standard, not CMYK or interlaced, etc. It should be okay otherwise.

So this means: it is a player problem as the player cannot cope with certain (standard) types of pictures.
It is independent of an MP3tag release as you embedded an external picture that MP3tag takes "as is". That it happend while you used v3.08 is purely coincidental.

I always have my album cover art taken care of by the same guy, who gives me the same types of pictures. Until now MP3tag worked perfect with these pictures except now with V3.08. I have identical pictureformats / identical size and yet one can be seen in all mediaplayers, the other one not. It is a complete mystery to me. But hey, it works now. I'm good now. I can release the single asap now.
Thanks again for the tips!

If you upload an image file that cannot be shown, maybe somebody can investigate and explain why not.