Can't see tags in anytag

I have a problem with MP3Tag... I can't see tags saved by MP3Tag in the anytag extension for Total Commander... Don't you know where the mistake can be?

The plugin can't read unicode tags.
Change the tag settings as explained here:

Are there any more programmes that doesn't support or can't read Unicode tags?

Yes there are still some, but I don't have a list of them..

So do you think it's better to save tags in Unicode?

Is there being planned a new release of anytag plugin???

This depends on whether you have MP3s with "strange" characters, i.e. cyrillic or arabic / chinese / japanese (etc.) ... if you do, then Unicode is the way to go ... if, on the other hand, you only have files with western european characters, it might be better to save the tags as v2.3 with ISO-8859-1 encoding for compatibility reasons.

Maybe you can find your answer in this topic. Have a look.

Can I ask once more if there's anybody working on Anytag further more and if a new version with Unicode support will be released...

It's already upgraded:

Thanks god for this... I haven't noticed... Thanks a lot.

I have another feature idea... It wouldn't be bad if anytag could display the covers saved in MP3 as ID3...

I support this idea.