Can't synchronize files after using MP3TAG


Hello all...just wanted to say - 1st time question, LOOOOONG time user of this program. Great stuff all the way around.


I've just recently run into a problem which I've narrowed it down to using this program.

I dl music to my computer.... I want to change the format and save the album pic to the file and save a copy in the music folder. -No problems so far-

I get it all to my liking (rename file to tags and such) and then I go to load it up on my Philips Go Gear (THE COOL ONE thats better than an iPod.. :wink: ) and it will only load the album pic and the first song. saying the file is in use or is not available.

mp3tg is closed (even from the task manager) so I don't know what would be causing this.

(BTW I made a copy of the music folder prior to mp3tagging it and the other folder syncs flawlessly)

Very strange...I would love to continue using this great program, but if I continue to have problem, I will have to look at alternatives.

Thans for any help tho.


This is just a guess:
Can you go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and check what ID3v2 tag versions are selected?

If ID3v2.4 utf-8 is selected, change it to utf-16 or iso-8859-1 and :mt_save: save the tags again.


:w00t: Dano, I could kiss you!!! It worked!! Thank you so much! :music:

I never would have thought the typ eof tags would have been a problem...your the best!