can't we improve/tweak the time of loading a huge folder ?


i just try to search a "COVERART PRESENT" filter expression on a huge folder (with many sub folder with sub...).

It was very long to open it. But it was a success without a bug or resource problem. great.

but, it was long.

during the process, i run the task manager and looked at every info.

Why mp3tag only use 4 threads (whereas i can use 12 here) ?

why no 64bits release of mp3tag ?

why mp3tag really did not use many cpu resources ? only 1% on my computer !

i check the i/o bench during the loading to find out if hte hard drive was the problem, but i don't think it was the cause of the slow process.

did i miss something ?

here my screen capture, it may help.

Best regards

What makes you think that the HDD is not the problem?
MP3tag has to access each file and read the tags.
So the bottleneck is the access speed to the stored files.
I think it would be even slower if you accessed files on a NAS.
So get yourself an SSD or M.2 device and see what that does for you.
You can see the speed of MP3tag when you switch between filtered and non-filtered display.

... will detect all files having a tagfield named COVERART.

Filter: NOT %_covers% IS ""
... will detect all files having at least one embedded cover picture.