Can't write configuration file


Hmmm... Anyway I'll keep you posted if the problem crops up again. Thanks.


Do you mean that little square?
The square is default windows behaviour and you can see it on any folder and it has no influence in changing the folder-name or creating or copyying new files in the folder.
There is no write protection for windows-folders, there is only a write protection for files in a folder and setting a hook there makes the files in the folders write-protected.

Don't mistake this write-protection with user rights. That's something else.


But might Mp3Tag not throw the error because it sees a write-only attribute?

As I've said, all the proper user rights are set and I am owner of the directory and files. I don't think I'm mistaking anything for anything. But there is a "Cannot write to..." error message, and that would be thrown in either case - if the directory is write-only OR if the rights are wrong. Right?

But as I said, the .ini files seem to be updated despite the error message. So it may be just an annoyance (you'd need to run controlled tests to be sure). I suppose there's no need to get to the bottom of it.


I cannot reproduce this.
So you would have to check your local environment what comes in the way to finish saving properly.
If everything is as it should, it should work.
If you have the time, you might install a portable version, copy all the data from the data directory into the program folder of the portable version and then start MP3tag from there and see if it works...
If it does, you could delete the standard installation data folder and copy the data folder from the portable installation. And then see what happens.


You mean "write protected"?
No. As I told this could only happen if the existing file itself has this attribute. There is no such attribute for folders in windows.
All other limitations are a subject of user access rights or the lock of a file by another software.


I meant read-only, of course. Sorry. I've just done an in-place reinstall of Windows (not because of this problem) and I'll see in anything changes and keep the thread alive. Thanks.