can't write selfmade field

I recently made a field called FEATURING.
I can easily put the featured artists into that field to keep my library (and also my plays) clean.

I put the FEATURING field in a column, and for instance in the artist or title column i can easily click the song and then click again to write in it, but that does not work with the FEATURING field.
Why is that and how can i change it.

It takes too much effort to right click, click on tags, add new tag, choose featuring, write a name and then click ok, but then for more than 500 songs.

I'd like to know if it's possible to write in the field the easier way just like how i can write in the artist field.

If you already have instantiated a new column 'Featuring' to the list view to work with the tag-field FEATURING, then look into the column configuration dialog and 'adapt the same method' from the Title column, how it is already done there to direct the cell value to the related tag-field, when updating the cell content from within the list view.


So simple, thanks for the reply! it works :smiley: