Can't write tags in ID3v2.2


I have an LG phone which can only read tags in MP3's when they're ID3v2.2 and under. At the moment I use Mp3Tag to write the tags as ID3v1, which doesn't support album art.
Mp3Tag can only write in v1 then v2.3 and up.

Is there any way or any other program someone could suggest that can write tags in ID3v2.2 specifically?


iTunes can convert to ID3v2.2

I've tried iTunes before. Unfortunately it wont display the album art.

When I buy a song on iTunes and convert it to MP3, the album art shows up on my phone. That's the only way I can see album art on my phone so far.

What have you set so that these files turn out right?
Which version of tags do these files have? Which version do they have when they are on the phone?
Is it possible to update the player (as v.2.2 is not very common)?

The iTunes MP3's have ID3v2.2 tags. The phone isn't capable of telling me the tag version.

Unfortunately the phone I have has completely unique firmware. So for apps to be made for it, they have to be made specifically for this phone, which isn't very popular. So there's no where I can possibly download another music player, and LG doesn't provide updates for the phone.