Can't write to ripped files

After ripping tracks from a CD (standard .MP3 format), I try to write tags to make the album/artist/etc. data consistent across all tracks and add a cover photo before uploading the tracks to my Amazon Music account. Lately I have been getting error messages telling me some or all of the newly ripped tracks can't be opened for writing. Even after closing the tool I use for ripping, Windows Explorer, the Amazon Music app - basically ALL open programs, including Mp3tag - I continue to get this error (see attachment).

The only way I can resolve this is to reboot my laptop, and even then I occasionally still get the error.

Any idea why this is happening?

Check what program handle is locking the file to see if it's still in use by some background program.

This link shows how to delete a locked file but for your purpose you can use it for checking which app has it still opened / locked.

You can then stop the process in the services section where you bring up the task manager next time instead of closing everything.

This is the 32 or 64 bit app I use to unlock only or unlock and delete files.

it could also be that the total length of the filename is more than 254 characters.
By total I mean all the characters including the drive, all foldernames and separators.

wdmarsh, are you, or anyone else, still having this problem?