Capital Letter conversion

When converting mp3 files that contain of capital letters only (e.g. METALLICA to Metallica) I find that when there is information added to the line in square brackets (e.g. 12 METALLICA - BLACKENED [Metallica, 2003].mp3) the conversion result is not how I want it to be (result after capital letter onversion 12 Metallica - Blackened [metallica, 2003].mp3). All lines that turn the first capital letter of the album mentioned between the square brackets have to be manually corrected to this (12 Metallica - Blackened [Metallica, 2003].mp3). This is annoying when handeling a 250 files of mp3 folder e.g. :frowning:

This option of converting is mentioned under Actions / Aktionen.

Any solution or rewriting the mp3 program perhaps? Help is deeply appreciated!

Please show us your complete actual used format string to build the new filename.
A printscreen with your action would help too.

Re-reading the help perhaps?
"The field Words begin after any of specifies some characters which are marking the beginning of a new word."
And in this field you would have to enter all the characters after which you want a word to start, so in your case at least the [.

I only use capital letter conversion no knowledge of making or writing program or format lines :frowning:

As @ohrenkino already wrote, you have to use the option "Begin woorden met:" and add at least the [ sign:


As field you have choosen _ALL, which really means all tags including tags like TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM and not only the _FILENAME.

The english field description for the above option has a more precise description
"Words begin from/after any of:"
Case conversion

This means that the conversion will also apply after the [character.

Doing so leads to the result that the conversion after [ becomes right, but before the [ turns into lower letters. An example filename is : 246 - M.Z. - Tale Of Days Gone By (instrumental) [Under The Silver Cross, 2003].

I want this to be converted to 246 M.Z. - Tale of Days Gone By (Instrumental) [Under The Silver Cross, 2003]. So with keeping the artist name in capital letters and only converting the (instrumental) to (Instrumental).

Another example is 303 - U.D.O. - Dancing With An Angel (feat. Doro Pesch) [Man And Machine, 2002]. Here only the (feat. Doro Pesch) should become (Feat. Doro Pesch).

Last example is 375 - DORO - In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz [Machine II Machine, 1995]. This has to stay 375 - DORO - In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz [Machine II Machine, 1995]. So no converion at all at the same time as the other files need to be converted to the results as I showed.

Is this possible in 1 conversion or do I need to do more conversion and will all file names stay as I need them to be as shown above, because this doesn't happen :frowning:

And is there a way to remove the - after the track number so 245 - ... will become 245 ...?

Tricky questions perhaps, but is it possible?

Thank you for thinking along :slight_smile: !

It IS possible, but you have to do that in single steps, Action by Action.
If you always want the first character in capital letters after a (, guess what you have to do? :wink:
Exactly, add the ( also to your list of characters - like the [ - in the conversion options...

If you always want to change the word "of" into small letters, create a simple replace action for that.

For all the special cases like "M.Z." or "U.D.O." you can create a separate action.

And by the way:
The correct german syntax for "In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz" is "In Freiheit stirbt mein Herz".

I would like to add that if you add most of punctuation characters to the list of characters after which a new word starts, then you are probably on the safe side.
This would also cater for "M.Z." - if you add the dot to the list.

In general: I think it does not make a lot of sense to invest so much effort in getting the case right in filenames - who looks at these names? The player? I doubt that. The player will most likely look at the tag data. The filesystem? I think that the only requirement for a filename from the perspective of the filesystem is: be unique.

So if you really want to fiddle with the filename: use Convert>Tag-Filename and some of the scripting functions to create a new filename. Like that you would also deal with

(Yes, there is, but this is something different than a case conversion and worthwhile to open a new thread).

Almost there, capital conversion between ( ) and [ ] are nor done by adding these items to the conversion, this works in capital conversion. Now there remains a problem with Roman letters, like Metal Opera II becomes Metal Opera Ii in the conversion. How can I fix this? The rest of the solutions I have to look into. Thanks both :slight_smile:

see here:

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