Action group to captitalize Roman numerals


Here is an .mta rules file (attached) that will captitalize Roman numerals I through XXX in file tags.

e. g.:
Before: Vi. Visitation from Alpha vI

After: VI. Visitation from Alpha VI

Note that "Vi" in "Visitation" is preserved while Roman numerals are correctly capitalized


  1. If MP3Tag is running, close it
  2. Copy the Numerals.mta file to your MP3Tag folder (e. g. C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions
  3. Re-run MP3Tag
  4. Select audio file(s) with Roman numerals in the tag
  5. Select the "Actions" from the Convert menu
  6. Enable the checkbox for the "Numerals" rule.
  7. Click OK

Here is the basic template:

Find: (^|\s)[v|V]i|I

Replace: $1VI$2


Find: detect any case of 'VI' ([v|V] [i|I]), with either a leading (^) space (\s) or trailing ($) space or both, or a trailing period (.) in case of 'VI.'

Replace: Preserve any leading text ($1), replace 'Vi' with 'VI' and also preserve any trailing text ($2).

If you like your numerals in lower case, you'll need to change the Replace in each rule to lower case, such as: $1vi$2

MANY MANY MANY thanks to the MP3Tag developers for giving me hours of my life back!

Numerals.mta (1.87 KB)

I shall like a code for named figures Roman.

Why not


REG. EXP.: (\s+)([iIvVxXmMlLdD]+)(\s+|$)

REPLACE: $1$upper($2)$3


Maybe this one could help: Regular Expressions