Capitalize first letter after "-"

I'm looking for a minor function that would be quite useful to me; the ability to capitalize only the first letter after a "-" I also want to switch the positions of the track number and the artist, but that's not the problem I think.

For example

I have:
Bon Jovi - 05 - Wanted Dead Or Alive

I want:
05 - Bon jovi - Wanted dead or alive

Any help is useful!

If the information is already in your tags, you can use :mt_ttf: Convert > Tag - Filename with a format string like

$num(%track%,2) - $caps3(%artist%) - $caps3(%title%)

That works indeed, unfortunately not all the MP3's have tags <_<

Then use :mt_ftt: Convert > Filename - Tag to fill the missing information :wink: