Capitalized word before a bracket

I’m using an action to obtain proper English capitalization. It works well but…
I need to capitalize the word at the end of titles (before the bracket)
here an example:
Artist Name - Title is a Fantasy to (feat. Someone)
must be
Artist Name - Title is a Fantasy To (feat. Someone)
So, the word before the bracket must be always capitalized even if the word “to” need to be lowercase (following the English capitalization rules)
Someone can help me?
Apologize for my bad English explanation.

you could try:
$regexp('Title is a Fantasy to (feat. Someone)','(.*) (\l\w+) (\(.*)',$1 \u$2 $3)

Then replace the string constant

with the respective field variable. Is it %title%?

The variable is %title%
Maybe I wrong somewhere because won’t work
I am a newbie… apologize.
Which action I have to use?

Which one did you use?
You can use Converter>Tag-Tag or "Format value" for the intended field.

I'm using "Format Value"
Field: TITLE
String format: ','(.) (\l\w+) ((.)',$1 \u$2 $3)

I do something wrong, I receive a Syntax Error

This is invalid syntax.
Format string: $regexp(%title%,'(.*) (\l\w+) (\(.*)',$1 \u$2 $3)

Better try Converter>Tag-Tag to see whether the syntax is correct. That function has a preview.

Ohh now I understood!! This is perfect!!
THANK YOU very much!!!

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