Capitalizing Initials Formula

Hi everyone, had another question I was hoping someone out there could give me a hand with. :book:

I want to capitalize artists initials, for example:

E.l.o. - One More Time.mp3


E.L.O. - One More Time.mp3

So what I did was to make a rule that stated this:

Field: _Filename
Case Conversion: Mixed Case
Words begin from/after any of: .

but this is what I ended up getting:

E.L.O. - One More Time.Mp3

Is there another formula so that "Mp3" isn't capitalized?

I thought the extension would not be affected by this action type, maybe a small bug.

But you can try this action:

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%_filename%,.)

Dano You rock thanks it worked perfectly. In the last version of mp3 I could have sworn that was the case it would never cap .mp3 not sure what the scoop is...

thanks again I could have never figured that one out :slight_smile:

Just wanted to see if anyone knew how to get this to work for other fields.

I tried this for the artists field but its not working.
Format String:$caps(%_artist%,.)

Is there some global one I could do that would capitalize all initials?

Tag fields have no underscores, it's %artist%

Hey Dano, hmm well tried this it didn't work either.

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%artist%,.)

Did I miss something?

:rolleyes: The proper combinatin would be

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%artist%,.)

For all tag fiels at once:
Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Field: _TAG
Regular expression: (\l).
Replace matches with: $upper($1).

Thanks Dano!