Capitilzation and Saving

I just want to get out I'm totally illiterate when messing with actions. I have no clue what I'm doing and honestly after reading through numerous threads I still can't figure it out.

So here's what I want to do. If you have an answer I want step by step baby-proof instructions so I can't get lost if it's possible.

I have songs in my library that have capitalization issues. For example, the song title will be "Come As You Are" instead of "Come as You Are". So what I want to do is make an action that will take common words like be, the, and, or etc. and put them in lowercase.

However, if I have a song like "The Dark Eternal Night" I don't want the action to change my song to "the Dark Eternal Night". Can anyone help me with this?

My second question is much more simple. When I click on a song and edit the tag I'll sometimes click away to another song to edit that tag. When I do this the changes to the tag I made are lost. If I want to keep the changes I have to change the tags, save and then click another file. At first I thought hitting enter would keep the changes but I guess not. Any ideas?

For capitalization create a new action, call it what you like (Mine is "Small words lower case") and put in this line:

Regular expression "_All": "\s(a|an|and|as|at|by|for|from|in|into|of|off|on|or|the|to)(?=\s)" -> "$lower($0)"

That's what mine is but you might what add or take out some words because everybody has a different idea on which words to use.

To answer your second question, after you make changes in the tag panel you have to hit the save icon on the top or hit Ctrl-S.

I would like the exact opposite. Lower case words often seem to be used in a non-standard convention. I would like to make things universal in my collection, in my titles anyway. How might i change my files to upper case? In other words, I want to capitalize every word, i.e. "House Of The Rising Sun" instead of "House of the Rising Sun". I'm not familiar with "actions" as of yet, but if anyone was willing to step me through the process it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Tomx2

There is an action for case conversion. Use the option "wordwise"

Thanks Ohrenkino. I don't have a "wordwise" option. But i did a test using "Case Conversion" and it worked.

Thanks once again!

Ver. 2.70

You are right, sorry, it is "normal".

I've noticed another issue, when using the "case conversion" link from the actions menu. It does capitalize each word, however it also makes a word lower case if it is followed (for example) by ", /, etc. In other words, "Teen Time" becomes "teen Time". Ideally i would like the first letter of each word capitalized regardless of whether it follows punctuation. Any suggestions as to how to avoid this issue?

Thanks in advance,

You can finetune the behaviour in creating your own capitalization-rules.
Define an action:
Type: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format-String: $caps(%title%," )

After the comma you can list the characters behind which you want capitalization.
Im my example it is the quotation mark and white space.

Go to Options and enable this setting to save tags upon clicking elsewhere in the window.

If you're using the Tag Panel (the sidebar) to add tags just keep in mind that enabling this setting still requires you to click to a different item to trigger the save, merely highlighting a different tag field in the Tag Panel won't auto save. To save tags manually you can of course click the Save icon.

Alternatively you can edit tags directly from the file list using the columns, which triggers tag saves immediately after pressing Enter or changing focus.

I'm still struggling with this.... I have tried several custom actions, but can not get any to work.

If anyone is willing to help, what would or better yet, what exactly do i type in the action box "words begin..." to get the track title to have each word begin with a cap? and change nothing else at all. Right now i have created a mess as my comments/album titles, etc now have "Cbs" instead of "CBS" and comments have "sounds Of Silence Is A", ect. I'm a dummy i guess, i just can't seem to get it to work right. I have however succeeded in creating a bunch of work fixing my mistakes!


.... Another thought, and some insight as to what i have done and what i am trying to do. As an example; i have used the standard/supplied action "Case Conversion". Here's what it did for me:

Album title, What i had: (7in) Elvis Presley: Heartbreak Hotel (RCA 47-6420 - USA) (RS-045)
Album title, What it did: (7in) Elvis Presley: Heartbreak Hotel (Rca 47-6420 - Usa) (Rs-045)

Composer, what i had: Elvis Presley/Mae Boren Axton/Tommy Durden
Composer, what it did: Elvis Presley/mae Boren Axton/tommy Durden

Lyrics, what i had: Eng||Well, Since My Baby Left Me In The Fiery Place To Dwell
Lyrics, what it did: Eng||well, Since My Baby Left Me In The Fiery Place To Dwell

Label, what i had: RCA
Label, what it did: Rca

Comments, what i had: "Heartbreak Hotel" is a song recorded by...
Comments, what it did: "heartbreak Hotel" is a song recorded by...

You get the idea, of course what i had is what i need to change back to. I really messed this up with many, many records. Anyway If anyone would be will to lend some help it would be very much appreciated. I was just wanting to alter the song titles only and unfortunately altered, for the worse, much more. Would love to go back to what i originally had (i've been doing this one by one, but it will take years to correct at that rate. I'm not to worried, about the caps in song titles any more, as i am in correcting what i messed up!

Thanks Tom

You may create an action of the type "Case conversion".
In that action you can specify characters after which a capital letter should appear.
So you could add | and / there.
Please note that you have to include all characters, including the space.

The "Rca" change, though, will not be cured. Abbreviations or other strange spellings like taTu are not kept.

Thanks Ohrenkino,
Would you consider spelling it out for me? In other words what exactly should i type? (i assume in the "words begin..." dialog box).

Thanks Tom

Upcase with $caps2 $caps2('abc def (ghi [jkl {mno ,pqr .st -uvw _xyz äöü',' ([{,.-') ==> 'Abc Def (Ghi [Jkl {Mno ,Pqr .St -Uvw _xyz Äöü'


That iteration directive is vital to this RegEx. Those symbols vary from one RegEx version to another. Can you tell me precisely which version of RegEx Mp3Tag uses? I believe it's Perl, but am not completely sure.