Capture substring of filename for song title

I have a folder with every songs's title as ARTIST - Title (which was done so cd player would show artist - this was a mistake ... !)

Would like to rename all the files so that the title is JUST the title

Each file is in the format ARTIST - TITLE, so need to figure out how to extract just the string following " - " to capture the title part of filename, and make the TITLE field equal to that

Probably something with a regular expressioin (?)
EXAMPLES of files in folder: (they are all in the same format with the same delimiter ... )

America - You Can Do Magic.mp3
Link Wray & The Wraymen - The Swag.mp3

Thank you in advance .(
Bill Clark, Windham, VT

Use the function Convert>Filename - Tag
Format string: %dummy% - %title%

and see perhaps the help: Import Tags from File and Folder Names – Mp3tag Documentation

YES! How stupid of me -- I saw that function before. and it works excellent ... thnks..