Car player does not display

I've been searching this forum for a strange problem
I have a Caliber Btt885 carplayer which displays a list off tracks and artists like it should, but once I select a track to play the player shows unknown artist unknown track aso
It will display this when I use an audiodisc or the USB stick with mp3's ripped from an original disc
But when I want to play mp3's converted by the 'YouTube to mp3 converter ' it won"t
I allready tried to convert the tags like suggested

(x) ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 at mt_options.png Options > Tags > Mpeg.
After that, just save the tags again

But no cure
I assume this problem is created by the mentioned converter but is there anyway to cure this?
Would be great!

Check which tag versions you have in files.
If there are APE tags, get rid of them.

Also, a check with mp3val and/or mp3diags (both freeware) can reveal inconsistencies.

Thank you the problems were caused by the converter
There were simply no tags present regarding song and artist
I used the filename to tag converter and most files displayed correct
A lot of then didn't and I had to correct the filenames first to have the correct format
Xxxxx - xxxx
Everything okay now except the albumnames but I can live without that
Thank you​:+1::+1: