Case change, but not after (

When you use the Case change to , changes are not made after an opening bracket '('.
For example,

The worrying thing (about me)
The Worrying Thing (about Me)
But how can you force the capitalisation after '(', so that you get:
The Worrying Thing (About Me)
? Thanks

To make it clear: ampersand is &

How do you do the case changing?
Function? Action? What action? What function?
See Mp3tag manual, the functions $caps(), $caps2(), $caps3() allow a second parameter for modifying the case changing behaviour.


Yes, sorry I corrected the ampersand reference.
I am using Actions>Case Conversion, but I can't see anything in that section about beyond the basic conversions.

Action: Case conversion
Field: Title
Case conversion: Mixed case
Words begin from/after any of:
Note: In the dialog's edit field type in the keys, which are named in angle brackets.


Many thanks for that. Where would I have found it in the Manual?