Case Conversion coorection for 's


I have implemented a standard case conversion for a tag where each first letter of a word is converted to uppercase.
This causes word's like "she's" to become "She'S". How can I prevent this from happening only when the "'s" is at the end of a word?

For example with artist names like "O'Something" I do want the "S" to be a capital.
I can't make enough sense of regular expressions to get this working. Any help is appreciated!

If I see that correctly the you have the pattern of an apostrophe followed by a single character followed by a blank.

Create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for the field you want to clean up.
Search string: '(. )
Replace string: '$lower($1)

Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately that's exactly what I already tried, but it doesn't work when the 'S is at the end of a tag.
That's what I still haven't found a solution for...

Yes, but your example did not show that, right? Because I doubt that there is a title that has "she's" at the end.
The create a second action that looks for
Replace string: '$lower($1)

Thank you. That should work. I'll try it tonight. You are right about the example:
I just used the "she's" example because it's easy to understand. In my native language (Dutch) there are also cases in which words can end with "'s" :-).