Case conversion for all fields

Hi, so I tried that case conversions in action, that changes the case on the tags that were written but not on the fields itself. Can you help me do this ? How do I manipulate the cases on the tag fields using the actions ?


As this has nothing to do with the web source script, it has become a separate topic.

What have you done?
Where did you get stuck witht he documentation?

First, allow me to extend the thanks for helping me out. Second, I think you don't understand what I'm trying to do.
I'm not trying to change the tags itself but the tag fields.

For example: I want COMPOSER field to become Composer and COPYRIGHT field to become Copyright.

Now it doesn't matter what the API returns the value for those fields, I'm not trying to manipulate those but the fields themselves. Documentations doesn't explain how to do this.

As far as I read the documentation it says:

Special Fields

  • _FIELDNAME denotes the field names of the tags (APEv2 or VorbisComments only).

Which means that you cannot convert the representation of ID3 fields as they are translation from e.g. TCOM to COMPOSER and TCOP to COPYRIGHT.
It should work for other tag versions, though.

I have only FLAC and iTunes m4a files. What kinda tags do they use ? and can they be manipulated with _FIELDNAME variable ?

are used by FLAC files.
MP4 files behave similar to ID3 tags - see

Understood. I just tried it on the FLAC file, and it works. :slight_smile:

Just one more thing. What should I do if I want to delete the data from Comment tag field but keep the tag field intact ?

I am not sure what you mean.
The fields in flac files use a standard called VorbisComment from which you cannot remove the keyword VorbisComment.

Just as an addition:
Even if you can change it in Mp3tag, as soon as you use another 3rd-party-software you can't be sure that this software will (also) respect your changed syntax.
Therefore I would not spend too much time on the "look" of your tag field names. As long as they contain the correct data and your player software show them, let them as they are.

Alright. thank you for the advise. Understood and case closed.

The script is writing some data in the comment field and I just want it to be completely empty. So how do I empty it out removing th entry from this field ?

Please address this in the thread of the script - please also note the comment on the features of the script:

Alright, and thanks for all the help, highly appreciated.

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