Case Conversion in a single field


I like to have all Artist names in "ALL CAPS" both in the tag and file name. For me this makes picking out specific files.

I understand that files can be renamed with Mp3tag but I'm not ready to try that one just yet.

Right now I don't understand the steps involved in swapping cases. I have read everything in both the Help file and the FAQ section here and this is still confusing me.

I understand I need to start with adding an action but how do I make that column specific?


By telling Mp3tag what field ("ARTIST", "TITLE", "ALBUM", "MY_CUSTOM_FIELD", etc.) you want to change. :slight_smile:


Great... :smiley:

That hint on top of all of the other new things I've learned today was enough to see me through.

Everything worked.

Thanks for all the help people... I'll try not to make this a habit, but you've given me a great start.