Case conversion nomenclature

I propose changing the names of the four available options

lower case
Mixed Case
UPPER case


lower case behavior
Mixed Case Behavior
Sentence Behavior

as then they would leave no room for thinking / guessing

The word behavior could be as well some other word / approach - but I think that my proposition [example] show what I am getting at

To be honest I don't know what a

should be. AFAIK words are described as to "be in lower case".
This applies to the other

as well.

Why? I know exactly what they mean now. And not because I use them, but because they make sense. I would have no idea what they would mean with the word "behavior" appended. I still don't know what that means.

That's you . I myself also do not use this - but went I had went there I needed to stop and think, what it is that I am exactly looking at. And what about all those newcomers to Mp3tag, especially those that never used such renaming tools?

This is how it looks in FreeCommander file-manager:

In my opinion it is ad informative as it can be - but at the same time those long descriptions are counterproductive because there are just too long. And so something in-between would be optimal solution

None of those indicate "behavoir". I don't understand,,,

Just use another word for it - all I am getting at is that the current descriptions are a little to short thus slightly unclear [in case of Sentence]