Case Conversion of Title

I'm trying to figure out how to create this action, if it's even possible. The folder that holds my CD rips will have the filename that looks like this:


On the left side in the title box I would like it to look like this:

Sunshine To The Rain (Ft. Scarface And Anthony Hamilton)

I know I can just do Actions>Case Conversion but that will capitalize everything in the file name, which I do not want to happen. I've tried creating a new action to no avail. I'm also a relatively simple minded individual so any input or instructions should be dumbed down accordingly.

Thanks in advance...

Don't mix filename and title tag. The filename is the identifier used by the filesystem, the tag is inside the file and can be read by dedicated players.
So: if you want to have a title tag then you either have to type it in or import it e.g. from the filename.
If you have a close look at your filename it has much more data in it than just the title. I take it that "06" ist the track number, miri_ben is the artist and then follows the title.
So it would not be a simple case conversion but you have to either strip the heading information or import that, too, into the right tags.
Then also: your filename does not use the "blank" as separator but the underscore. So you probably do want that to stay like it in the tags.
TO sum it all up: the whole action is not a case conversion.

What I would do:
a) import data from the filename into the tags with the Converter Filenname - Tag and a mask that looks like this:

:sunglasses: remove the underscores
Create an action of the type replace for the tags artist and one for title
(see /t/967/1
on how to create an action)
c) finally do your case conversion, also with an action: case conversion, normal.

If you still have questions about case conversion, there are loads of threads in the forum that deal with case conversion. Search for them.