Case Conversion refinement

I’d like to suggest an improvement to the Case Conversion feature so as it would comply to the capitalization rules such as these (lowercasing the articles and prepositions)

As these rules only apply to English language entries and are more or less useless for all other languages I would say, it is only fair that users with particular likings for a specific language write their own actions to deal with them.
You are welcome in this forum to publish an action that refines such entries.

Just to let you know about different rules:

As ohrenkino said:

afaik, case conversion itself is a purely English tradition, other languages capitalize just the first letter of a song title. So if the cc feature be incompatible with rules of English, it’s completely useless :slight_smile:

Thanks, by the way, I have been ignorant of the mp3tag scripting features before. So I actually made up the action. Here it is.

Case_conversion_good.mta (1.48 KB)

Could you please tell us the (most) important differences to the Grammartron-Script:
Thank you!

I am not sure if using _ALL for the field is a good idea. From what I understand that will change file names. I changed this to _Tag.

Thanks for this.