Case Conversion should NOT honor spaces (?)

Hi all,

I try to solve the following problem (which seems to be unsolvable until now). My file name is:


I want to use a case conversion "sentence" so that it looks like

32 - Bach - Sicut locutus est.flac

In the definition I set the characters after which an upper case character should show as " (_-' " (without the spaces, these are just to clarify the matter).

Just not solvable because the case conversion function honors a blank (which makes no sense to me). After parsing one of the characters defined it should set the next alpha character to upper case and just skip the blanks

Who has an opinion on this? Or does someone have a solution for this problem?

One solution would be if I could set the characters which trigger upper case each within " ", then I would be able to define also a "- " (dash space) as the trigger - would be cool

thanks :slight_smile:

You are right that it will most certainly be not solvable to do it with the ordinary case routine.
How should MP3tag know, which words are nouns and which are not ...

But back to your problem:
If you transform all "normal" spaces with a character that join a sequence of words to one string like the underscore,
then the case transformation will only consider the letters after the other indicators for capitals.

So if you replaced in your string

all ordinary blanks with an underscore like this:


then replaced all those back again which got replaced although they shouldn't:
replace "-" with " - ".

Then apply the case transformation "normal" and only the B of Bach and the S of Sicut will be capitalized. All other letter will be lower case.
32 - Bach - Sicut_locutus_est.flac

Then you replace all undercores with blanks again.

32 - Bach - Sicut locutus est.flac

The great thing is that you can store all these steps in an action group, so that you have it always at hand.

Convert | Filename - Filename | ALT+3

Select format string

Old filename pattern:
%1 - %2 - %3

New filename pattern:
%1 - $caps3(%2) - $caps3(%3)

32 - Bach - Sicut locutus est.mp3