Case Conversion - Words after punctuation marks left Lower Cased

Hi There

I edit a large number of Video Game OST's, quite a few are sourced from Japan.
As such, many tracks can have unusual titles involving punctuation such as tilds (~), and Quotation Marks.

When Using the Case Conversion Action, if a word begins right after one of these marks without a space, the word is converted to start with a lower case letter
(e.g. ~Time is money is converted to ~time Is Money).

I know this is a relatively small issue, but I have had instances where dozens of tracks are converted to this format, and it is time consuming even to use a replace action, as you may have to do it for every letter.

Thanks for this wonderful application and the continued development to improve it.

You may notice that in the action for case conversion you can define which characters define the boundaries of words.
These could be parenthesis, punctuation and also the tilde.
You would have to supply the full list, though, including the space.

Ah, I didn't know that. I usually run it as a Quick Action over the whole tags, rather than one field, so I hadn't really investigated the options.

Just in case this is looked at for a future update, the most common marks that cause me trouble are the Tilde ~, Single Quote ', Double Quotes " and Braces [

I'll have a look at the Action Options and see if that improves things. Thanks