Case Conversion

Is there a way to make the Case Conversion not make letters following a "/" or "[" lowercase?


Either edit the existing action or create yourself a new one of the type "Case Conversion".
In the dialogue for defining the action you can enter all the characters that delimit a word - and leave out those which don't (in your opinion).

Thanks! Also, is there any way to make any of the actions automated when converting? In other words, it would be great if case conversion, replace, etc. could happen on the fly. Maybe a global string option so no matter what, these actions always happen. I find myself always selecting the same actions after I write tags/filenames.

One very common example: Since Windows can't have a colon in a filename, it would be great if when converting tag>filename, the colon could change to a semicolon (which is legal), but not convert a colon to a semi-colon when converting from filename>tag..

Sorry if I missed something that's already documented...

You could combine actions that should get executed always in one go in an action group.
Simply create the first new action, but after you have added the first action type (and defined it), press the new-button again to add another action.
The actions are then executed as found in that action group.

Also, there is a a script-function $vaildate (see help) to create legal filenames.
You can rename a file (which then emulates the converter tag-filename) with an action of the type "Format tag field" if you apply it to the pseudo-tag "%_filename%".